Rebuilding our Community

In October of 2017 the wildfires raged through our hometown of Santa Rosa.  Like many of you, we were greatly impacted personally and shared in the common grief of the aftermath.  Family, friends, and old acquaintances called our office to ask for help and boy, we went at it.

Having designed nearly 400 of the homes that were lost in the Fountaingrove area, we became a great resource to get people headed in the right direction.  The process took longer than we anticipated, but we are proud to say we have helped over 200 homeowners get through the permitting process.

Our office continues to design custom homes and is taking on new work for both rebuild and non-fire jobs.  Visit our contact page or call our office to learn how we can be of assistance.

On The Boards

These are a few of our homes that we are most proud to share.  Our architectural style varies from Tuscan to craftsman to modern farmhouse, but the common theme is the timeless design.  We want our homes to be considered beautiful by today’s standards as well as whatever the future holds.

Llyn Glaslyn Place

Shiloh Terrace

Parker Hill Road

Cottage Ridge Road

Royal Manor Place

Wildwood Mountain Road


Shelterglen Way

Horizon View Way

Olson Farm Road

Meadowcroft Way

Lyon Court

Orbetello Court

Angela Drive

Butterfield Road

Clear Ridge

Angela Drive

3919 Rincon Ridge Drive

Rincon Ridge

Raycrest Court

350 Pacific Heights Drive

Wyndemere Circle

Riebli Road

3797 Rocky Knoll Way

Silver Fox Court

Jean Marie Drive

St. Andrews Drive

Deauville Place

Manor Park Place

Starr Road

Geysers Road

Crescent Circle

Flintridge Drive

Hadley Hill Road


Bella Vista Way

Allyn Avenue

Michael Way

Crocker Avenue

Woodland Hills Road

Chestnut Street

Geneva Avenue

Flintridge Drive

Wyndemere Circle

St. Andrews Drive

Cannes Place

Walnut Avenue

Crown Hill Drive

Long Leaf Court

Cannes Place

Eagle Ridge Road

Espresso Court

Raycrest Court

Parker Hill Road

Long Leaf Court

Saint Andrews Drive

Quietwater Road

Hadley Hill

Rocky Knoll Way

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